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SMS / Email Marketing is one of the important techniques of Digital Marketing. Using email or SMS channel to reach potential customers to market products is very cost effective marketing technique.

First thing is to ensure you have a good email broadcast tool. Some must to have features in such tool are spam checker, contact list import/export, email templates, automatic followup reminders and reports.  Once we have good tool in place, below key points will make email marketing effective -

  1. Bring more email subscribers. Use your website to attract more visitor leave their email ids and contact numbers there. Use appropriate call-to-action contents on webpage.
  2. Email Subject line matters. Be creative to put a strong subject line that makes email to be opened by subscriber.
  3. Give appropriate Reply-To email ID in broadcast email so that communication happens two way.
  4. Most important is a follow up email. This needs to be articulated based on previous response (no response) from subscriber.
  5. Give option to unsubscribe from mailing list.

SMS broadcast also needs proper attention. It should be crisp and should have enough details for receiver to take further steps.

A professional in digital marketing techniques knows these tricks of trade and uses them effectively.