• Cloud Computing Overview

    Cloud Computing Overview As technology is advancing day by day, we see that websites are now hosted in cloud instead of a standalone web hosting server. In this article, you will get an overview of cloud computing. Software application runs on a server hosted in your premises. This application provides specific software services to cater… Continue reading Cloud Computing Overview

  • Business Process Outsourcing overview

    In this article, we will briefly discuss Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Any business has specific processes to do its day to day tasks. These processes are defined to move forward business to productive output with minimal cost effective input. Some of these processes are not a core business processes, such as payroll. Payroll does not… Continue reading Business Process Outsourcing overview

  • Big Data

    In this article, we will take an overview of Big Data concept. When a kid has written A on paper and then wrote B, it is bound to be C the next character to be written  by kid. This predictiveness came from the pattern of A & B happening in timeline. Now, consider A as… Continue reading Big Data

  • Agile Methodology to manage software development projects

    Agile Methodology to manage software development projects In this article, we will briefly talk about Agile Methodology to manage software development projects. Project Management for software development came from a traditional thought of assembly line of factory. There is a definite sequence or phase for development. So software development was broken into Design, Build and… Continue reading Agile Methodology to manage software development projects

  • Role of Content Marketing in SEO

    The explicit relation between the content and SEO. The methods that are used by marketers for promoting any brands or businesses have undergone tremendous structural and distinct changes in the past few years. Especially the subtle transition from traditional to digital marketing which has created quite a buzz in the market. The niche of digital… Continue reading Role of Content Marketing in SEO

  • SSL certificate

    A step-by-step guide toward website protection Everything you need to know about securing your website Security is of the uttermost importance and priority when we talk about business. Whether it’s an offline business or an online business. Irrespective of the platforms, A secure business is one of the notorious traits that are crucial from the… Continue reading SSL certificate

  • Technical SEO 2020 and beyond

    A complete step-by-step guide towards optimizing your website for the search engines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just about optimizing your website for achieving a higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). It’s all about making your website a platform for the audience where he/she gets all the answers to the questions… Continue reading Technical SEO 2020 and beyond

  • On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

    A simple and effective guide for your SEO success The first-ever website that came into existence around the globe was named “CERN”. This website went live around the year 1971 and the term “SEO” was coined soon after, in the year 1997. With time, the number of websites on the internet kept on growing.  Thus… Continue reading On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

  • Black-hat SEO techniques

    A complete guide towards techniques that you must avoid implementing on your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires both creativity and skills to take that creativity in front of your audience. A clean valuable content brushed with your creativity along with deft White-hat SEO techniques helps your content to stand out in the market among… Continue reading Black-hat SEO techniques

  • White-hat SEO techniques 2020

    A definitive structured program to secure a top place on SERPs (without breaking any rules) For ranking your website and securing a first place in the SERPs you have to take care of many things and that also in the correct way as per the guideline laid by the search engines. If you want your… Continue reading White-hat SEO techniques 2020

  • Digital Marketing in India

    A rapidly growing sector and also a boon for every industry  The use of digital marketing strategies for audience engagement started around the year 1990 when the internet and web platforms were developing at a rapid pace. This way of audience engagement through various online platforms escalated more with the time, making the shift from… Continue reading Digital Marketing in India

  • Target audience research

    A structured program on How to execute target audience research for your business? What is the definition of a target audience? The term “target audience” can be defined as the set or group of people who are likely to buy, or rent your product, or service from the vast number of people out there. This is the… Continue reading Target audience research