Target audience research

A structured program on How to execute target audience research for your business?

What is the definition of a target audience?

The term “target audience” can be defined as the set or group of people who are likely to buy, or rent your product, or service from the vast number of people out there.

This is the sector of the market where you would want your product or service marketing message to reach for a better result in the conversion.

For example,

  • Suppose you own a cake shop or a baking business.
  • So, your target audience would be the ones who want to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, or occasions like Mother’s day, fathers day, Valentine’s day, etc, various such special occasions that definitely call for a celebration with a cake.

It’s important that you define your target market more elusively or more elaborately as this will provide you a better understanding of your target audience and help you reach them more efficiently in a profound manner.

As said, do an in-depth research of the audience, you might also get a buy from out of the obvious people needing your product or service.


How to start with the target audience research for your business?


Step 1: Identify which or what problems your product or service can solve.

Without knowing the capability of your product or service and the value it brings to your audience, it is near to impossible to move further efficiently, with the target audience research.

There has to be a certain aim or objective on which you decided to launch a particular product or service.

This tiny yet important detail is the first step towards the process of executing the target audience research for your business.

The importance of this detail in the process is that it provides absolute information on the selling points of your product or service.

Such information is very vital and the first step of going on with your target audience research.


You can follow the below 3 steps for extracting the required information:

  • What does your product or service do?
  • List down the it’s features.
  • List down the type of people that needs your product or service and how it adds value to their life.


Step 2: Explore and analyze your competition.

If you have invented a product or service that the world has never encountered before then competition will not be bothering you.

However, the chance of that happening is very unlikely in this highly competitive environment.

And most likely you have created an enhanced version of the already existing product or service, then you surely need to explore and analyze your competitors.

You can learn major outbreaks by studying them and applying it for your business.


The procedure would be as follows:

  • Make a list of your competitors in your domain.
  • Know your competitors target audience and how they are approaching them. 

(observe the cause of failure, find out what are they missing in their strategies and apply it to yours)

  • Make a note of their success as well. 

(well it’s not certain that you can achieve the same for you by applying their strategies but you will get a clarity on the approach due to the same niche) 

  • Make a list on what sets you apart from the competitors.


Step 3: Target audience based on the demographic and psychographic data

If you want your product or service to reach and engage with the right audience, you need to collect every data associated with your audience.

This will help you to know them better and also ensure that your products or services are reaching only those who might actually need it rather than spamming the random audience feed.


The following details of the audiences helps you to target  your audiences in a much better and effective way:

  • Income 
  • Gender
  • Age
  • language
  • Marital status
  • Job status
  • Background 
  • Education
  • Location
  • Interests 
  • Personal traits
  • Person values, etc


So, how to target your audience effectively?

  • Make a different set of audiences based on the above data.
  • Fire your marketing campaigns for every set of demographic and psychographic data.
  • Execute effective keywords research for your niche to earn organic traffic as well.


Step 4: Connect with your target audience through various social media

As per the statista reports of 2019, there are around approx 2.95 billion people around the world using social media.

This data shows how much people are moving towards the social media platforms for communication, entertainment, etc.

Thus this makes it a very effective platform to reach into the eyes of the audience and engage with them seamlessly, leaving an impactful image of your brand.


Following are the popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat


How to connect with the target audience through social media platforms?


  • Run different engaging campaigns of your brands on various social media platforms. 

(it’s better if you use compelling solution for the audience problem for higher engagements)

  • Compare your campaign results on different social media handles and plan the next campaign approach accordingly. 

(increase or decrease your bidding on the campaigns showing effective results)


Step 5: Keep evolving and enhancing in your audience approach

Now you are able to pull out efficient execution of the target audience research procedure and also your business is able to engage a decent audience.

But this shouldn’t stop you from experimenting new tactics and strategies for the audience engagement in the market.

As this will help you to evolve and enhance your audience approach raising your brand name in the market giving your competitors a very tough time.


Change is the law of life. And those who look into the past and present are certain to miss the future. 

John F. Kennedy


Simple steps to evolve and enhance your audience approach along with learning something new.

  • Stay updated with the market trends for upcoming new or evolving technologies.

(You can refer searchengineland, economic times, mckinsey, backlinko, etc for the latest and trending news, information, blogs on technology)

  • Compare your old strategies to the newer ones. 

(see to it if you can somehow combine both and get an effective driving result of the strategy or have to implement the entire new one, either way do your research and opt for the better strategy for your business)

So this was a structured program on how to execute target audience research.

We hope this piece of information was helpful and profound.

Practice these simple strategies for your business.


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