Digital Marketing in India

A rapidly growing sector and also a boon for every industry 

The use of digital marketing strategies for audience engagement started around the year 1990 when the internet and web platforms were developing at a rapid pace.

This way of audience engagement through various online platforms escalated more with the time, making the shift from traditional marketing to digital marketing among the marketers and also among the industries.

Talking about digital marketing in India, we have seen it’s tremendous use only recently among the industries, various businesses, etc for promoting their product or services.


Businesses are relying more on digital marketing in India and less on traditional marketing

People have been moving on to the digital platforms for engaging with friends, searching for something they need, for their entertainment, etc.

The digital platforms have made our life easy in terms of audience engagement.

Industries have started to notice this fact and also can see that connecting to the audience through digital mediums is much more effective and also cost-effective than the old methods.

According to Statista reports in April 2020, the digital population around the world comprises about 4.57 billion active users. Out of this 4.57 billion active users, 688 million are from India as per the latest reports of January 2020.

This number shows us how the smearing of digital marketing in India can be effective for engaging with the audience.

With the arrival of digital marketing in India, it’s been a serene journey for enterprises to connect their brand with a vast number of people.

People of India are consuming various content on a daily basis and on various platforms.

According to the Delloite research reports on digital media, in India, an average web user consumes about 6.2 hours of media daily which includes 1.42 hours of mobile media and 1.2 hours of desktop media.

Considering this crucial information, it seems to be a vital decision for businesses to implement digital marketing strategies on Indian grounds and it’s been growing as well with the time.

Digital marketing doesn’t help only to lure in quality leads within India but also on foreign grounds as well.

This makes it a very efficient mode of marketing and also is cost-effective than the counter traditional ones.

The trend of digital marketing in India has been mounting in for years and especially in this highly competitive digital world, businesses have started realizing it’s worth too.


According to the Economic Times report,

Talking about the net worth of the continuously growing industry of digital marketing, in India, it was about $685 billion until the end of 2019 which grew at a rate of 9.4% straight.

The digital marketing industry is estimated to grow even at a faster rate of 10.9% which is about $760 billion by the end of 2020.

This indicates that the industries are more and more relying on digital marketing for engaging with their audience and less on traditional marketing which is trivial in this modern digital world.


Spends on Digital marketing in India (Data source: Economic times )

As per the above chart, the highest spend among the mentioned digital marketing platforms is social media which is about 28%.

This is followed by paid search (23%), online video (22%), and display media (21%).

The mentioned are the top 4 digital mediums that businesses mostly prefer to invest in for a better ROI.

These top digital marketing platforms are capable of reaching your audience effectively, deluging your business with quality leads for conversion.


Top digital ad sellers in India as well as around the globe

When we talk about the top digital ad sellers, Google has to be on the top of the list always.


Other ad sellers on the list:

  • Facebook
  • Alibaba
  • Tencent
  • Amazon
  • Baidu 
  • Microsoft
  • Twitter 
  • Tiktok


Now proceeding to their online ad revenues 

Facebook and Google rule the chart by having a combined ad revenue of $217 billion in FY 2019.

Respectively, the ad revenues of the other players around the globe

(Data source: Investopedia, marketingland, BloombergQuint, market realist, marketingland, Statista, Barrons)

  • Alibaba – $30 billion
  • Tencent – $15.7 billion
  • Amazon – $14 billion
  • Baidu – $13.2 billion
  • Microsoft – $7.6 billion
  • Twitter – $3.46 billion
  • Tiktok – $0.2 billion

Business entities are spending a huge and hefty amount on digital marketing in India as well as around the globe and the results are quite clear by the above stats.

Thus digital marketing in India is growing on a rapid scale with the business leaning more towards it due to the higher audience engagement rate than the trivial traditional methods.

It’s expected to increase furthermore in the coming years with these figures being just the tip of the iceberg.

For a business to convey it’s product or service effectively to the audience, digital marketing is a vital part that must be included in the business strategy.


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