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Business Intelligence

When it became possible to store a large amount of data with minimum cost, analysis of this data came into picture. Mining of this data and creating meaningful reports from it lead the way to field of Business Intelligence. These intelligent reports help management to take some critical decisions to change the way of doing business. For example, reduced prices of phone calls made during night time was one such decision taken by telecom operators based on analysis of call data of 24 hours.

Business Intelligence (BI) software is a set of such technologies that has data storage in warehouses, data mining tools, data analysis and then user friendly data reports. The backend technology of BI is ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) tools. Extracting data from various sources, transforming them to required data/table formats and then loading them in those data warehouses for future use. Based on business needs, data queries are written to pull this information from warehouses and then report them in presentable formats.

BI gives a good insight of current business operations to take decisions to make business future ready.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a large canvas. Humans learn from experience. Our forefathers burnt fingers in fire, so we learned that fire is a hazardous thing. But we know that once a software program is written, it will give same output irrespective of all other external parameters change. This lead to new research wing – can machines think and behave like humans?

This is quite a vast field because we are trying to build machines that will predict based on the available inputs at any given point of time. No wonder AI goes beyond computer technology and touches more fields such as psychology, linguistics, biology, mathematics and engineering.

The first application of AI was seen in computer program playing chess with human. Considering the number of possibilities of the next move in a game, it was quite successfully implemented. World has so many languages and additionally their local dialects. Will computers be able to analyse them and take commands in those natural languages?

Well, the ultimate goal is to build robots with AI that will make human life comfortable and peaceful. Artificial Intelligence is a future of man kind.

Machine Learning

If Artificial Intelligence is a wish, then Machine Learning is a definite step taken to fulfill that wish.

The “Learning” part of machines can be put in this way – A machine performs some tasks and gives output qualifying some performance parameters. Machine “learns” from this iteration. It then does this task the next time giving output with better performance than the earlier one.

Machine Learning is computer's ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It uses the pattern recognition techniques of Artificial Intelligence. It tries to build algorithm by making predictions on available data. Such algorithms are more dynamic than the static programming instructions that computer follows.

Spam email detection is a kind of machine learning. Language translations and image search are also practical usage of machine learning.

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