Connecting your brand to the target audience


Employees with only one religion, web-engineering

With expertise in web technologies, Mobile applications, JAVA, Database management, cloud applications, Etc.


Clients from all over the world. 70% of which from domestic market & 30% from other countries. Every customer works with us for average 3 projects.


Only one strategic location now, which will be going to become three in next twelve months.

ISO 9001 -2008 certified company

ISO is more than a standard to us. We keep improving our business practices. This certification have given us a start to get certify for such more certifications to bring our practices in standard framework.

Relationship based engagement

Our engagement with our customers is more than a web developer and that’s why we work with every one of them for multiple web projects, marketing and consultation, etc.

Enterprise support

Though, we are based in Thane, Mumbai; our support is much like privileged one. We not believe in only sales and so, to prove this wrong, we take your issues very serious and on high priority, always.

Strong Engineering culture

We know, you want your business products at safe hands. And so, we employ only engineers to represent their specific domain. It not only gives assurance of standard practices but also an unlimited future scope of improvement.

Innovative product development

We believe in change, a technological one. Every time we compete our own workmanship and the technological advancement to deliver you very capable product.

Paperless operation

We want save trees and not papers and to make it happen we are gone paperless. We use Internet and cloud platforms to strengthen our mission.