Cloud Computing Overview

Cloud Computing Overview

As technology is advancing day by day, we see that websites are now hosted in cloud instead of a standalone web hosting server. In this article, you will get an overview of cloud computing.

Software application runs on a server hosted in your premises. This application provides specific software services to cater needs of your day-to-day business. With internet coming into picture, this delivery model slowly changed. We saw its first version in web email services like hotmail. 

At the simplest form, we can say – When software services are published over internet (without a hosting server in your premise) and are consumed over internet is called cloud computing.  

In its broad umbrella, cloud computing is a technology of software development, deployment and delivery/consumption of software services over internet.

The unique advantage of such delivery model over internet is it is available from anywhere and any time. And key technological characteristic of cloud computing is virtualization.

For application to run, we first needed a physical server/hardware platform, with operating system installed, with so and so  storage capacity. Virtualization is a technology that simulates hardware platform, operating system and storage device. This gives us Virtual Machines.

At heart of cloud architecture, it has Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). 

IaaS – When cloud provider offers infrastructure components such as hosting server, data center on cloud in form of Virtual Machines, it is Infrastructure as a Service.

PaaS –   When cloud provider offers virtualized platform such as operating system, database or web server to develop, deploy and publish software service, it is called Platform as a Service.

SaaS – When service provider offers software application over internet/cloud, it is called Software as a Service.

At the back of cloud, we have a shared pool of resources – servers, platforms, databases and applications. We use a slice of this shared pool via virtualization, as per our business need and pay only for that. With this slice, we are able to launch our service to end customers for consumption over internet.

Advantages of cloud computing –

Since you do not own infrastructure and platform, it reduces cost significantly in terms of just rent being paid for virtual infrastructure and platform on cloud.

This also removes headache of maintaining infrastructure and platform by yourself. This is now done by cloud provider.

This means you are able to concentrate on your core business function without hassle of its IT management.

Cloud gives scalable infrastructure. So as you grow,  let your virtual infrastructure expand instead of being stuck in fixed innfrastructure setup. This gives flexibility of scale up or scale down as per current  business and pay as per use of infrastructure.

With demanding change in technology, cloud gives you handle to upgrade infrastructure and platform as and when needed. So that your software is not running on outdated technology.

Cloud follows and implements necessary regulatory compliance and robust security, so that you can concentrate on your business solution.

Cloud Web Hosting

When you use virtual infrastructure (IaaS) and virtual platform (PaaS) given by a cloud provider and host your website on cloud, it is called as Cloud Web Hosting.

We, at Butterfly Themes implement cloud web hosting to launch your website.

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