Expert Solutions within Mission Critical Time

Our support team is well capable to work in tight tolerances and deliver the resolutions quickly

When a company sells its product to customers, it is required that technical issues arising in those products are timely addressed and resolved by company. Products such as mobile phones, computers, television, similar electronic goods and software products require technical support.

It makes sense to have technical support team that will handle technical problems voiced by customers. Not only it gives a working product to customers but also builds a trust in customers, that in turn, bring in more business.

Depending on critical usage of product, it may require to provide 24 by 7 technical support to ensure uninterrupted services.

There are levels of technical support. At first level, technical problem may be resolved by following simple instructions from product's technical brochure. A customer may be advised the same on phone to rectify problem right there.

At second level, more technical steps will be involved or a technical work around may be suggested. It may take more time for such issues to be resolved and so customer needs to be informed.

At third level, technical work around is not possible. It needs a thorough checkup of product. A tech engineer may required to visit customer's premises. He may bring back product to repair center. This may take more than a day's downtime. Customer needs to be informed well and may be given temporary replacement.

There are trouble ticketing tools available that raises ticket for customer issue and tracks it till closure. Trouble ticket is assigned appropriate severity and priority based on affected functionality due to issue. Escalation matrix is kept ready if ticket remains unattended or requires special attention.

At the end, uninterrupted service is a goal of technical support that ensures a happy customer.