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Digital Marketing – part 2

In earlier Digital Marketing part 1 article, we have seen digital marketing techniques such as Website redesign, SEO, Email marketing, etc. In this article, we will see a simple way to increase effectiveness of these techniques.


1. Effectiveness of business website

Once business URL is in place and you have found online presence of your business, most of people think that their work is done here and never look back on website contents. This is wrong. There are some contents that will remain unchanged, but most of the contents should be reviewed periodically and changed as per the trend and products revisions. A trendy website displaying products always catch more attention of online user.

Track usage of each webpage, how often it gets clicked and how much time is spent on each webpage. Use this information to create appropriate landing pages. Once user is on landing page, ensure there is something exciting for him to proceed with call-to-action. Work on this call-to-action part more often.

Add more appealing visual data – charts, diagrams. Create videos and upload them on your website. Sometimes a simple and short video is better at explaining a thing than a long textual instructions.

And now that online surfing is equally or more done using mobile phones, ensure your business website is responsive, that is, easy to open on handheld devices.

Keep track of upcoming trends and plan for contents now that would be posted in future. Keep blog articles ready for future posting and also highlight upcoming trends/changes there.

All this requires quite a bit of tampering contents, so it makes good sense to have best content management system with admin control to reduce maintenance cost of website updates.


2. Effectiveness of SEO keywords

You must measure effectiveness of your current SEO keywords periodically. If needed, modify keywords or altogether delete old ones and replace them with new keywords that rightly align with your business.

Update your website with new keywords. This will give a better ranking in search engine result page. Thorough understanding of customers who are/will be visiting your website helps to phrase new keywords and content revision accordingly.

Revise old blogs with new keywords wherever possible. This enhances ranking.


3. Effectiveness of Email Marketing

Keep watch on email contents that are repeatedly used. If it becomes monotonous, it is likely that receiver at the other end will get bored and ignore it even before reading completely.

Revise contents of email campaigns periodically.

Try to find ways to increase your email subscribers. Give user contents on webpage that will encourage him to share his email id for subscriptions. Build this data and use it effectively for more email marketing.


In this article, we have seen that with periodic review and rework, effectiveness of business website, SEO and email marketing can be increased. Tech Ninjas of Butterfly Themes always ride the new technology wave and deliver the state-of-the-art solution to end customers, giving them effective results of digital marketing techniques.