Digital Marketing – Blog 2

When Will Digital Marketing Work?

Let’s go by basic term ROI (Return on Investment) for digital marketing. 

  • Keep watch on spendings done on digital marketing (including website rework, SEO work and then ofcourse paid services like Google AdWords & PPC).
  • Take customers closed by this technique.
  • Compare this number with customers closed by traditional marketing technique.
  • Do you see a huge benefit?

No? then what went wrong? Why digital marketing is not working for you when hundreds are chasing this technique?

2 simple answers –

  • Agreed that your product is a top ranker in google search but is it offering everything that customer looked for?
  • Have you generated enough customer engagement (including detailing of product features and reasonable price) to close the deal

To exaggerate first point, if customer searched for “best deals on North Pole”, saw your business website at top, clicked on it and saw your offerings of best deals on South Pole”. Who is at loss? Customer or you with irrelavant contents? 

When you have relevant content, the first step is over. Or as in traditional marketing, cold calling  is done successfully to bring customer to your office. Now big question is how you will get customer to sign the deal. 

This is our second point “customer engagement”. Customer has liked what all you have digitally marketed.  Now what he is looking for is a “firm handshake” from you. Handshake that will give him confidence that you will deliver what he needs, on time and as per his budget. Wear you best Marketing Hat, Bring on your Technical Architect and Accountant (for price negotiation) in you, together these three will ensure enough customer engaement to sign the deal.

And this is how your website visitor becomes your customer.

To summarize, 

Digital marketing works when you digitally market just relevant contents of your products and keep customer engaged till the deal is signed & product is delivered well.

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