Big Data

In this article, we will take an overview of Big Data concept. When a kid has written A on paper and then wrote B, it is bound to be C the next character to be written  by kid. This predictiveness came from the pattern of A & B happening in timeline. Now, consider A as… Continue reading Big Data

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The marketing world of digital era

Why switch from Traditional to Digital Marketing? Marketing has been deluging every industry’s strategic plan around the globe and is quite a vital part of growing business. To observe a consistent growth in the success chart of the organization, it’s very much necessary to plunge on every opportunity with a deft knowledge and skillful approach.

Digital Marketing – Blog 2

When Will Digital Marketing Work? Let’s go by basic term ROI (Return on Investment) for digital marketing.  Keep watch on spendings done on digital marketing (including website rework, SEO work and then ofcourse paid services like Google AdWords & PPC). Take customers closed by this technique. Compare this number with customers closed by traditional marketing… Continue reading Digital Marketing – Blog 2