The marketing world of digital era

Why switch from Traditional to Digital Marketing?

Marketing has been deluging every industry’s strategic plan around the globe and is quite a vital part of growing business.

To observe a consistent growth in the success chart of the organization, it’s very much necessary to plunge on every opportunity with a deft knowledge and skillful approach.

But deft knowledge and skillful approach are alone not enough for making the business flourish, it needs something more to reach the mass audience. 

Thus every organization needs to ensure a marketing plan and marketing research with a specific budget alone for it, making your business known to the masses.

Without any marketing strategy, you are setting your team up for a direct failure. 

The marketing management team needs to pull out some unique and winning strategies to generate qualified leads and boost sales.

Well, we are in a digital era so it’s very crucial for us to switch from traditional to digital marketing eventually.

Let us explore both the marketing methods one by one to get clarity on both the approaches.


What are Traditional marketing methods and it’s strategies?

Traditional marketing can be considered as the former way of marketing before the digital medium was not in the boom, basically before the time when the use of the internet was not so common.

In simple words, traditional marketing is the type of marketing that is executed offline. (not through the digital medium)

Whether it’s a traditional marketing or a digital marketing, both the methods have a common aim of targeting people to fire their campaigns at and lift their brand name a scale higher.

Talking about the traditional marketing methods, it’s a very effective marketing approach when you want to make your brand name more on a local level than globally.

Following platforms can be considered as the popular traditional marketing strategies:

  • Newspapers: 

This marketing platform can be considered as one of the first traditional marketing approaches one could ever think of back then and is still used by many businesses.

Well, Everyone relies on newspapers for information and wants to be updated regularly about the stories around and thus does a decent job in making a reach to the audience.


  • Radio: 

With radios, it’s easy to broadcast infomercials and it’s easy to provide valuable information about your products by reaching a large number of audiences.


  • Television:  

TV advertising provides straight information about your product or service in an appealing way and also earns a brand name for your business.

Television marketing is a better strategy than other traditional marketing methods.


  • Magazines: 

The main benefit is that you can have multiple custom designs and thus multiple ways for marketing your products or service. 

It reaches the right type of audience as they are interested in your products and looking forward to taking steps and have a higher conversion rate.


  • Billboard along the roads or highways: 

A huge eye-catching marketing technique that can dominate over a large and diverse market seamlessly. 

Let’s point out the advantages and disadvantages of traditional marketing methods for a better understanding


Advantages of traditional marketing

  • The first advantage is to make your brand reach effectively on a local level.
  • Flyers or magazines can be kept by the audience which will help the brand to be viewed by them very often.
  • Easy to understand even by the people who are not using the digital platforms.


Disadvantages of traditional marketing method

  • It’s not interactive which means less engagement among the audience.
  • Way more expensive with less ROI.
  • Complex to measure the source of ROI.

The invention of the internet has impacted human lives in every aspect, in a positive way of course, and since the last decade, it has taken quite a rapid pace in evolution around the globe.

We live in a modern digital era where quite a huge portion of the world’s population is using the internet which is roughly around 4.57 billion people as of April 2020.


What is Digital Marketing and it’s strategies?

With so many people online, it’s not wrong to say that digital marketing is the modern trait of the marketing world.

Digital marketing can be defined as the method of marketing which is carried on through the digital medium (through the online world supported by the internet).

Modern digital marketing has been an indispensable part of our lives and with such a huge portion of the population being online, it has become more crucial than ever for businesses to include it in their marketing efforts for reaching the mass audiences.

Thus digital marketing can be considered as a wide and effective platform for enterprises to present their products or services to the many people out there and convert them to customers.

The main advantage of digital marketing campaigns as compared to traditional marketing is that you can target your audience effectively based on their likes, interests, dislikes, geographical area, age, sex, etc which makes the chances of conversion more likely.  

Back then using the traditional marketing methods was the only option available but now we are in a digital era where we have access to many modern digital tools for an effective audience reach.

Thus it’s vital for the businesses to switch from traditional to digital marketing methods for an effective ROI with profound analytics. 

We at butterflythemes use various digital marketing tools to keep an eye on audience behavior which helps us to generate quality leads and identify new revenue opportunities.


Four pillars of digital marketing strategies for an effective business result

The first and most basic need of a digital marketing strategy to be effective is to make your business digital by creating an appealing enterprise website that conveys what it’s for.

Basically it means creating a business website with appropriate and engaging content for conveying the purpose as in what it’s for. 

The next step would be to optimize it well for the search engines.

Best digital marketing channels:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEO can be defined as the process of creating a website design and quality content related to the niche for better rankings in the search results page. 
  • The most SEO-friendly website is the higher the chances of ranking top in the organic search results page (SERPs). 
  • In today’s modern world, every person who needs any kind of product or service depends on the search engines for assistance in making the final choice.

For example,

  • Sam has a Home decor brand and also an appealing website for his business.
  • Now suppose an individual, let’s say Jack.
  • Jack needs some stuff for his home decor. So he opted for the search engine for help and typed the keyword in the search box “best home decor brand” and the search engine showed the top results to choose from.
  • But Sam’s website was not among the results that search engines showed.


What was the reason for Sam’s website not appearing in the search engine results page?

  • Although Sam’s business website was appealing enough with the appropriate content but still didn’t make it in the top results.
  • Sam’s website was missing from the search engine results as it was not search engine optimized.
  • Everyone around the globe relies on search engine’s assistance to find a solution for their problems, whether it’s a comparison for gadgets, home decor like Sam’s, or just searching for a piece of information.
  • Thus it’s very much necessary for the enterprise to not just have a website but also to optimize it for the search engines so when an individual searches for your business-related product or service, your website pops up in the top results. 
  • The benefit of SEO is the chances of attracting organic traffic to your website is much better and getting connected with your audience.
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • As mentioned earlier, there are around 4.7 billion people around the globe using digital services. 
  • This number is very much present on various social media platforms which is a great place for making the brand name along with acquiring quality leads for your business.
  • In simple terms, Social Media Marketing is nothing but the practice of marketing a product or service through different social media platforms.
  • Now, let’s see how many people are there on the social media platforms around the globe to see how effective it can be for the business.
  • Talking about Facebook with the largest number of people using this platform, almost around 2.4 billion around the world, you can imagine the reach a business can get with the proper social media marketing strategy on such platforms.
  • Similarly, Instagram, youtube, Tiktok, and various such social media platforms are most effective to engage with the audience effectively and make a brand name.
  • The most prominent benefit of social media marketing is that it improves brand loyalty and authority by directly connecting with your target audience.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)
  • PPC i.e Pay Per Click is nothing but the structure of digital marketing where the advertiser pays a particular fee when the ad is clicked on.
  • Basically it’s a practice to buy traffic to your website rather than earning it organically.
  • When you input some keyword in the search box of the search engine, the results which are shown at the top or below have an “AD” written over it.
  • Well, this is the Pay Per Click marketing, and every time a user clicks on it, an amount is deducted from the advertiser’s account, and also the search engine advertising is a popular form of PPC marketing strategy. 


  • Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing is the most efficient method for driving sales for the enterprise and also the most cost-effective form of marketing.
  • This is a method of targeting customers through commercial email with the sole target of conversion for driving sales and can be sent in bulk. 
  • With the right email marketing automation tools, you can reach the audience directly and maintain a strong relationship. 

Email Marketing can be of 3 types

  • Newsletters: 

It can be defined as the marketing method in providing product related content and information directly to the audience consisting of potential and existing customers. 


  • Transactional emails: 

An automated email technique used by the businesses mostly for sending receipts and confirmation emails or for any explicit requests to their customers.


  • Behavioral trigger emails: 

Triggered mail is an automated mail technique that is sent out to people in accordance to their actions on the web pages or emails.

Let’s also take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing methods as we did for the traditional marketing methods.

Advantages of digital marketing methods

  • It’s interactive and hence can engage a vast number of audience.
  • Easy measurement of ROI with the help of detailed analytics and real-time data.
  • Suitable for all industries.
  • Swift and efficient results.


Disadvantages of digital marketing methods

  • Negative feedback given by the audience is visible to everyone.
  • Need an expert to employ strategies of digital marketing.

Well, these are the 4 pillars of digital marketing strategies that are crucial for business growth acceleration, and plus you can have real-time analytics data for your efforts. 

Also mentioned above is the advantage and disadvantage of the digital marketing methods that will help you in making the right decision.

But the most important thing needed to make the above strategies work is an appealing website.

The above methods will surely help you in generating traffic but if the website is not appealing or not conveying the overall message of it then you might not be able to get desired leads and your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Butterflythemes understands all the requirements an enterprise needs to excel in the digital world.

Thus helps the organizations with every digital service starting right from the website to the implementation of a marketing strategy for the business.

We hope you got a clear perspective on marketing both on the traditional as well as digital medium and why it’s necessary to switch from traditional to digital marketing.


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