Why is SEO crucial for the growth of every business?

Importance of SEO in growing a business and building a brand name

The world around us is evolving at a rapid pace in the digital medium and people are also moving towards digitization more with the passing time. 

SEO (Search engine Optimization) being one of the traits for modern business grounds is the most effective way of acquiring leads organically.

Nowadays, if we require any kind of product or service, the first place where we go for exploring the options is the “search engine”


Let’s consider an example that will elaborate your knowledge on the importance of SEO,

Suppose you own a television shop and you have a business website for it but it’s not search engine optimized.

Thus when some user searches for a particular keyword say “best television shop near me”,

Your website will not appear in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and will cost you a lot of customers to your competitors. 

The generation is relying on search engines like google more than any store or shops or on enterprises for services in that case.

Well, if the world is relying on the digital medium for their requirements businesses or enterprises need to enhance its overall approach too on a digital level, and optimize it for the search engines to get the mass audience’s attention.

Talking about the mass audience, there are around 7.8 billion people as of April 2020 as mentioned by worldometers.

Now proceeding to the number of people that are online from the overall population.

As per the data of statista, the digital population around the world is 4.57 billion as of April 2020. 

This number just keeps on growing to make it evident for the business the importance of SEO for getting ahead of the competition.

As we have discussed in the overview of digital marketing, the first step for doing business on digital platforms is creating a compelling website.

Now to rank your website on the search engine’s first page (more probability of getting audiences attention) it’s necessary to optimize it by implementing various strategies and practices for making it appear on the first page.

A website can be optimized for search engines by two practices On-page and Off-page which consists of various sub-tasks associated with them. 

Also, enterprises need to ensure that the website is optimized only through white hat practices and not through black hat practices, otherwise, the website could also be banned by the search engine from ranking.

If it were not for modern SEO, it would be very easy to rank any website on the first page even if it doesn’t have any relevance towards the keyword searched for.

Well, this would be futile for the audiences and thus the trust factor wouldn’t be there among the people for the businesses.

Thus it would prevent the deserving businesses that actually have the relevant information for the audience to secure a place on the first page.

But thankfully it’s not the case and there are various factors that we need to take care of in order to make it to the first page of the search engines.

Now, let’s enlighten the browny points that will help you to understand the importance of SEO with much more clarity.


Which features highlights the importance of SEO in growing a business?

Targeting quality leads for your business

Reaching out to people out there with your product or service through traditional marketing means such as showing them ads through television, radio, or just through hoarding can help you out in acquiring customers but is not engaging enough as compared to digital means.

In a simple language, these ads, promotion, or marketing practices do attract leads but it’s not presented to them exactly at the time when the user wants to take a look at it.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, SEO is quite the opposite of this practice and also quite effective than the old medieval methods.

With the help of SEO, instead of your business reaching the audience they reach you and this happens in the time frames when he/she actually wants some information.

Thus in the process, you get the quality leads for your businesses that too with the needful searching for you.


No payments for ads just, organic leads

Reaching your audience through SEO is based on a fussy algorithm of search engines rather than you paying for that kind of engagement.

Basically, once you have created quality content for your audience and also optimized well for the search engines, it will continue the lead attraction activity for your website.

Well, this surely will require you to invest a hefty time in generating quality content for the audience but in order to engage the audience, it’s very much necessary to do the needful instead of investing your capitals.

Definitely you need to update your uploaded content in a timely manner with necessary updates and improvements depending on the topic.

The advantage of SEO over PPC ads is that it doesn’t involve paying every time a user clicks on an ad thus helping to acquire leads organically.


A better branding strategy

With SEO you get a higher ranking in the search engine results and thus build a brand name for your business creating trust among the audiences for your product or service.

This occurs when a user searches for a particular keyword in search engines like google, yahoo, or bing in that case and finds your business there in the top results making the audience about your digital presence.

Thus for a business to grow in the market and also create a brand name while in the process, it needs to include SEO in their marketing strategy for better business experience for your users as well as shoot up your conversion rate.


Having an upper hand as compared to your competitors

SEO helps you out to get ahead of your competitors and make a better brand name than theirs in the market.

Suppose there are 2 organizations competing in the same business domain and one of them decides to have a website with perennial optimization for ranking in the top search engine ranking results page.

Thus the enterprise with the well-optimized business website for the search engines gets better quality leads and also a better brand name among the millennials.

This strengthens the trust bond between your brand and your audience which is better for your business growth as well as your audience.

For building a business in the digital era, it’s important to have an SEO website first before you own a workplace.

We hope that the importance of SEO for your business website is well conveyed.

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