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Digital Marketing using Inbound Marketing Strategy

In this article, we will see how inbound marketing strategy should be used for successful digital marketing.

At core, inbound marketing strategy is a journey of a stranger who ultimately becomes promoter of your product. It’s life cycle goes as below:

Stranger->Visitor (to your website)->part of Contacts->Customer->Promoter

Each of this state transition requires an action. Let’s see each state transition briefly –

1. Stranger –(Action: ATTRACT)-> Visitor

An internet surfer has enough material to wander for years. So you need to attract them to your website. The first and the best way to attract online user is by Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique. When user needs something, first thing done is to search it on search engine. So SEO is the most efficient method of attracting a stranger to make him a visitor of your website.

Of course, SEO is just a tip of the iceberg. The real iceberg is contents on your website. SEO will give you a click but they will remain on the page if your contents are attractive enough to satisfy their query.

One more way of attracting is blogging. If your website keeps blogging about the information that user wants from time to time, it definitely attracts user to your website more often.

And also, there is social media way. Keep publishing there to attract more and more.


2. Visitor –(Action: CONVERT)-> part of Contacts

What if stranger clicked your website, got information and gone. You got one click but nothing further. How will you make a visitor to your website become a part of your Contacts list? You can create such simple form to be filled by visitor requesting their details. But first of all, why visitor will give his contact details to you?

So to get this, you need to give something in turn. A free white paper to download or enrolment to a webinar are the right Call-To-Action methods to convert visitor into part of your contacts list. This ever building contact list is your asset because it has your future customers.


3. part of Contacts –(Action: CLOSE)-> Customer

So far so good with a growing Contact list. Use email marketing on a targeted contacts. And followup to close them as customer.

What you also need here is a Customer Relationship Management tool. CRM is useful for maintaining Contacts through history of customer relations, conversations. This gives insight into what’s going on with potential customers. Sales team should effectively use it to close the deal.

So you got customer. But this journey does not end here.


4. Customer –(Action: DELIGHT)-> Promoter

Inbound marketing strategy goes one level beyond just adding a customer. To add more and more customers, you need to promote your product. And who else than your existing customer would be the best promoter of your product? A delighted customer is likely to refer your name in the market.

Go an extra mile to make customer experience delightful. Do not just sell product and forget. Assist and assist more at every step.

A simple way is get a feedback form or a survey of your product and service. Surely there will be key lessons to be learned and to be implemented the next time.

Tailor made your Call-to-Action for customer delight. Keep watch on social media conversations about your company and product. Act accordingly.

At Butterfly Themes, we have successfully implemented inbound marketing strategy for many of our happy customers.