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Role of Content Marketing in SEO

The explicit relation between the content and SEO


The methods that are used by marketers for promoting any brands or businesses have undergone tremendous structural and distinct changes in the past few years.

Especially the subtle transition from traditional to digital marketing which has created quite a buzz in the market.

The niche of digital marketing is very vast with numerous sets of strategies that make your brand reach out to the audiences out there through the digital medium.

Well, we are not gonna get into every part of this vast niche but specifically about the role of content marketing in SEO. 

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SSL certificate

A step-by-step guide towards website protection – Everything you need to know about securing your website


Security is of the uttermost importance and priority when we talk about business.

Whether it’s an offline business or an online business.

Irrespective of the platforms, 

A secure business is one of the notorious traits that are  crucial from the customer’s point of view as well.

Talking about the online or digital platforms, the security of your business (website) is determined by the presence of a valid and tenacious SSL certificate.

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Technical SEO 2020 and beyond

A complete step-by-step guide towards optimizing your website for the search engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not just about optimizing your website for achieving a higher ranking in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

It’s all about making your website a platform for the audience where he/she gets all the answers to the questions without any hassle (a better user experience).

In simple language, 

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On-page SEO and Off-page SEO

A simple and effective guide for your SEO success

The first-ever website that came into existence around the globe was named “CERN”.

This website went live around the year 1971 and the term “SEO” was coined soon after, in the year 1997.

With time, the number of websites on the internet kept on growing. 

Thus the method of “SEO” was used by various companies around different industries to rank their websites higher, among the competitors in the SERPs.

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Black-hat SEO techniques

A complete guide towards techniques that you must avoid implementing on your website

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires both creativity and skills to take that creativity in front of your audience.

A clean valuable content brushed with your creativity along with deft White-hat SEO techniques helps your content to stand out in the market among your competitors.

Thus, it ultimately gets you closer to the top rankings in the SERPs of the search engines.

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White-hat SEO techniques 2020

A definitive structured program to secure a top place on SERPs (without breaking any rules)

For ranking your website and securing a first place in the SERPs you have to take care of many things and that also in the correct way as per the guideline laid by the search engines.

If you want your website to be sustainable and last long in the SERPs, the only correct way to do it without getting penalized by the search engine is through white-hat SEO techniques.

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Target audience research

A structured program on How to execute target audience research for your business?

What is the definition of a target audience?

The term “target audience” can be defined as the set or group of people who are likely to buy, or rent your product, or service from the vast number of people out there.

This is the sector of the market where you would want your product or service marketing message to reach for a better result in the conversion.

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Search Engine web crawlers

Everything about search engine web crawlers and it's working

Search engine web crawlers play a vital role when it comes to making a website rank in the SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages) and without its help, it would be almost impossible for search engines to identify the ranking of any website for displaying in the SERPs.

So let’s go ahead and learn more about the search engine web crawlers and it’s working.

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A complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide for beginners

Learn SEO process step by step

Everything you need to know for starting your SEO journey

(A complete definite guide for enhancing your business or your career)

This article will help you in gaining a complete knowledge of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process step by step, in and out covering all the major aspects.

So, let’s start with the simple definition of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Boost your website speed by 50% with the help of these 5 key points

How to boost your website loading speed? (Identifying the cause and fixing it from the root)

Before we start a hunt for a solution to the problem, it’s very much necessary that we are aware of what caused the problem to arise in the first place.

Thus as we proceed further, we will be learning the various reasons for slow loading of a website and also how to solve it efficiently for a smoother experience.