Boost your website speed by 50% with the help of these 5 key points

How to boost your website loading speed? (Identifying the cause and fixing it from the root)

Before we start a hunt for a solution to the problem, it’s very much necessary that we are aware of what caused the problem to arise in the first place.

Thus as we proceed further, we will be learning the various reasons for slow loading of a website and also how to solve it efficiently for a smoother experience.

Now as we speak of the websites which are a part of the modern digital world, the word “slow” is not acceptable in the market and will create a frantic situation for your business, if you are too slow in the competition.

The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. 

Elbert Hubbard

Well, you must be familiar with the story of the rabbit and turtle that we all have heard while growing up which has a moral to it’s story and that is Slow and Steady wins the race”.

Though for persuading through the business world and specially on the digital medium, this moral is not of much help in the business world.

“Efficiency along with dynamic results” are the key requirements for the digital businesses for a tenacious growth as well as to survive through the predicament business situations.

The following example will give you a clarity on the website loading speed and swiftness in general 

There’s a shop of clothing around the city which has just inaugurated and a customer walks in with a specific demand of white floral shirt but the shop owner takes way too much time showing the desired product to the customer. 

Suppose you are the customer, what will be your reaction to this situation?

  • Wait there till he gets the shirt you asked for.


  • Move out in search of the next shop.

We assume you must have chosen the second option unless that’s the only shop available around the city.

The same goes with your digital business and the shop we were talking about in this section is your website. 

So, if a visitor has to wait for too long in your shop he is unlikely to come back to your shop and by the mouth to mouth branding process others might as well choose not too.

Thus the time aspect plays a vital role for the growth of your business as well as strike your competitors with tough competition.

Now let’s enlighten the cause behind the slower loading speed of websites and how to eliminate them.

  • Issues related to Javascripts/Jquery causes the delay in loading pages

Javascript or Jquery plugins have made it easier for the organizations to make their digital presence(website) appealing for the audiences.

But if you are not implementing it with a deft and tempestuous manoeuvre, it’s all in vain and thus affects your website loading speed making the audiences move away due to the far-fetched situation.

Why do these issues occur?

When the user clicks on the link of your website the browser which you are using stops there and loads the Javascripts completely.

As mentioned above, if the javascript you used for your website is not appropriate or has not been implemented correctly, the loading of javascripts will take time.

Thus the traffic directed to your website will see an iterating loading sign as a result of this until the webpage is completely loaded.

What’s the solution?

Analyze the javascripts used in your website and remove the futile scripts that are of not much benefit for the website.

Use of asynchronous loading is very crucial and a poised choice as it let’s the scripts to get loaded simultaneously and seamlessly.

Unless your business page is completely loaded and visible to the user, keep the javascript on hold.

Consider using google tag manager tool which is alone enough for all your scripts.

  • Uploading media files without optimization

There are a number of businesses on the internet that have their websites stuffed with unoptimized media files such as images, videos and audios.

Enterprises want their websites to be displayed with the highest quality of media files but greater the quality of the file greater the bandwidth size it will acquire while loading.

What happens when a high quality media file is uploaded to your website without optimization?

Media files such as images, videos,etc are of larger-size and thus after uploading them to your website without optimization causes the size of the web page to increase, resulting in a longer time while loading.

What’s the solution?

Image format plays a big role that you need to consider before uploading on the website.

For example, 

The JPEG format of the image is much lesser in size as compared to other formats such as PNG or GIF and hence helps in faster loading of the website.

If you are using the other formats like PNG or GIF then you need to compress the images and then upload to your website. You can use tinyjpg which is a free tool for compressing images.

For wordpress websites you can make use of the automatic image optimization plugins such as smush image optimizer.

In case of videos it’s always better to embed your videos with the help of other platforms such as youtube instead of compressing it and it also will save your precious time.

  • Extreme use of Flash content

Adding flash content to your website is a great way of making it interactive for your audience. But if it’s used in excess the loading speed of the web page is affected.

How does the flash content affect the loading speed?

Flash content tends to be larger in size and thus increase the overall web page size which ultimately causes the website loading speed to decrease gradually.

What’s the solution?

Reduction in flash content size or smothering it altogether from the website will help you to boost the overall loading speed.

Choose for the alternative to HTML5 for Flash content

Use of wordpress, java, angular js, etc, instead of HTML5 for flash content makes your website much faster rather than reducing the size of the flash which is not feasible activity to go with every time.

  • Not utilizing Caching techniques

For improving the performance of the website significantly, it’s very important for the enterprise to opt for the caching techniques.

How does the organization benefit from the caching techniques?

When we use caching techniques for our organization’s business website, it stores the memory of every detail of the webpage for the user so that he/she doesn’t have to serve the waiting time for the page to load.

Content like images, HTML and data can be cached with the help of caching technique.

By storing the cache memory it doesn’t have to load the website’s content every time for the user thereby increasing the website’s speed and a sleek user experience for the audience.

  • Not utilizing the CDN (Content Delivery Network) service

CDN that is Content Delivery Network is a service that makes the website content available to many users by caching the content on more than one server and then providing it when you visit the website.

Basically CDN makes the user experience smooth by providing the website content to the user at lightning speed.

What are the benefits of using CDN service?

Well, the website speed decreases when there are a huge number of users visiting the site(increase in website traffic). 

CDN service does the job of making the website’s content available to a number of users simultaneously without any delay.

Let’s see the benefits of the CDN service

  • Decreases the load on your servers
  • Multiple number of users can access the website simultaneously
  • Audience segmentation is easier with CDN
  • Improves the streaming quality for the user
  • Complete control over the data delivery and better usage analytics
  • Enhanced security

We hope that the above key points will help you in the digital aspect of your business.

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