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Website Domain Name

When we type in our internet browser, we are telling our browser to get information in webpages that Google company has stored on their server in some remote place far away from where we are sitting. This becomes an address/ identifier for us to communicate with Google web server. It is Google’s domain name. In simple words, your website domain name is textual address for world to connect to your website.


Who gives this address?

There are domain registrars who will give you this address. You need to register your domain name with domain registrar for some registration fee.


What is Domain Name Server?

A simple lookup table of your domain name to IP address of your website server is kept in Domain Name Server. So millions of such records are with domain registrars that are stored on Domain Name Server. This is where which IP address to connect when you say is looked up.


Who is the governing body in Domain Name?

Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages architecture of domain name space.


What are Top Level Domains (TLDs)?

A domain name has one or more textual labels separated by dot (.), like The right most label (in this case, com) is a Top Level Domain. There are seven of such top level domains, each describing specific usage delivered by website contents.

com stands for commercial, sites being used for commercial usage. This is also the most popular TLD.

gov stands for government, indicates website is government website.

edu stands for education, indicates educational institutes’ website.

mil stands for military, indicates US military sites.

org stands for organization, indicates non commercial organizations such as NGOs.

net stands for network, indicates internet sites.

int stands for international, indicates international sites.


What is ccTLD?

ccTLD stands for Country Code Top Level Domain. They are created for specific country’s use, like, .in is for India, .uk is for United Kingdom.

When you apply to register for a domain name with domain name registrar, various details are required to be provided that form administrative contract, technical contract and billing contract with registrar.


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