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Website Design Elements

How we see content and functionality in a website is considered as website design work. Because of the creative part of website development and choices it offers for achieving functionality, web design work has been separated from technical web development work.

When you visit any website, a ‘visual wow’ experience is what is observed first. Then the functionality is experienced. Of course, functionality well delivered is a prime object of website but a stunning visual experience makes a visitor to stay on your website longer, increasing chances of becoming your customer. So a good website design matters. This includes – website layout, colour, fonts, images, menu bar, navigation, user interface and user experience.

Since this is a creative work, sky is the limit for your web designing activity. But often a pattern is expected by online visitor to continue browsing any website.


Given below are some key elements of website design –

1. Website should have a good navigation. A top menu bar across home page is a good web design. This gives structure of contents and online visitor has a definite flow to browse information on your website.

2. What functionality your business website offers should be clearly indicated. If you have a product catalogue, show it there. If it is just informative site, do so. If it is online transactions, make it clear on business website.

3. Catching attention of online visitor to make him potential customer should be a clutter-free function of your website. All these eye catching call-to-action items should be part of a good web design.

4. If website is heavily loaded with information, ensure to give search option in website design. More pages will be browsed if relevant search result page is listed.

5. Make web design responsive. This makes sense these days as your website is browsed not just on desktops, but also on handheld devices. A good user experience on handheld devices increases popularity of your website.

6. Social Media interface and presence of their icons on home page is a new trend in web design due to increasing popularity of social media sites. Social media sites help spreading your website name.

7. Website is online identity of your business. Make business logo look prominent. A good tag line catches attention. Logo is often observed on top left side of home page. This is not a rule, but a generally followed design.

8. ‘Contact us‘ link on home page leading to contact page is required. How else you expect strangers to reach you?

9. Images speak better than texts. So you see an image slider on home page these days. It helps to consider it in your web design to demonstrate more in a small window.

10. When you use website theme, be thoughtful to depict your business offerings. Keep consistency in home page and inside pages designs. One should not feel interrupted by theme deviation while moving from page to page.

11. Font and font sizes matter for readability of website contents. Take care of them in web design work. Same goes for colour combinations. No wonder web design is a work of art rather than jus a technical nitty gritty.

12. Do take feedbacks from visitors on overall website experience. Feedback form gives you chance to improve website and also builds your contact list of visitors for future persuading sales/marketing activity. Keep such forms simple rather than asking for long list of details. A long list will drive them away from site.

13. ‘Read More‘ kind of internal links helps to make your website content lengthy rather than pouring whole information on a single page.

14. For ecommerce site, a shopping cart experience is still a worth for the best online shopping experience. Check-outs and easy payments make customer to come back and shop more. Do give consideration to these facts in your web design.

15. ‘Under construction‘ page can still be made more attractive with proper visual web design work. Give further interesting trail for “back’ and ‘home’ to keep visitor continuing browsing on your website.

16. Finally build your portfolio, show gallery of your past work, add testimonials. This gives customer a confidence to associate with you for their future work.


We, at Butterfly Themes, implement these best web design elements to make your business website a visual treat and productive.