Today’s world is information world. Knowledge that was tied in print media had limitations. First, access to them was not easy and second, there was no guarantee that you will get exact answer to the question you had in mind. With internet, this changed totally. A loads of informative web pages are available.

But this created one unique problem, a problem of many. If internet user knows website URL, he will type it in Internet browser and get that information. But how many such URLs one should remember or store someplace? Google saw a huge potential in this area. What if you get index to the whole world information? Just type keyword on which you need information and you will get URLs on that topic. This simple yet very powerful idea created empire of Internet Search Engine Google.

Search Engine gives you informative URLs at click on any topic/keyword you want from the entire world wide web. Search Engine does the hard work in background of crawling all web pages on different topics, index them neatly by categories/keywords and pop them when keyword is typed in Google window.

This lead to another competition. It is a human tendency to click on the first few URLs that are displayed in keyword search result page of search engine. Though Google gives ten URLs on its first result page and ten such result pages sequenced one after other, internet surfers mostly get satisfied in first couple of URLs with the relevant information they were looking for. So in competitive world today, when all businesses have internet identity through their website, it is a challenge that your website URL gets listed at the top of Search Engine result page.

This is where a new way of optimizing Search Engine result page started. When Google is crawling all web pages and creating its index, Google is following some rules to create index. Simplest rule webpage content should have that keyword. For example, for keyword “Hospitals in Thane”, Google will ensure that webpage URLs that will be listed will have word “hospital” and “thane” in its content.

And of course, some more technical rules about website metadata and dos & don’ts around each rule.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) considers all these rule and apply them in your website. This ensures that next time Google crawls for creating index, it will keep URL that has followed rules correctly. This SEO technique then guarantees that your URL is listed at the top of Google search result page.

We, at Butterfly Themes, ensure that all SEO rules are implemented in your business website. This gives your business website a top rank in Google Search result page when keyword of your business/product is typed in Google page. This increases your chances of being found as a key player in that market and also adds to your branding.

No wonder simple and powerful technique of Search Engine Optimization is a leading technique of Digital Marketing strategy of any business.