In one sentence you can define mobile marketing as your products being marketed on mobile phones or hand-held devices.

In digital marketing techniques, mobile marketing takes an important role. Though mobile marketing has come under umbrella of digital marketing now, we have seen its earlier avatar in the form of SMS broadcast on not-so-smart phones available then. We were impressed when businesses started trying to reach us through SMS. With technology-enabled smartphones, mobile marketing has now more to offer.

As prices of smartphones became reasonable, we saw a tremendous growth in its sell and soon became a popular media of staying connected to information world. People use it to browse internet (text, audio, video), to access social media, to pay bills, to do online shopping, to chat, to send SMS and to make voice calls. No wonder people hardly put them away and never switch them off. When you were glued to TV, you saw more TV commercials, so in the same way, now you see more of mobile marketing.

What comes under mobile marketing –

1. SMS campaign

2. Email marketing campaign for mobile

3. Social media marketing campaign for mobile

4. Apps for mobile

5. Responsive websites for mobile

Let’s run through each of them –

1. SMS Campaign

A short textual message broadcast to your existing and future customers, is still popular to advertise your product. A crisp message like “50% discount this weekend” beats a full page advertisement of what you do and what you offer.

SMS broadcast can also be used to convey important business communication like “ATMs closed on this day”.

2. Email marketing campaign for mobile

Emails get piled up in an unattended mailbox, if one has to access it through desktop. But now with smartphone, frequency of checking emails on phone has increased, purely due to ease of access. Everyone has at least one working email configured on smartphone. No wonder, email marketing campaign for mobile becomes more fruitful these days. Of course, you need to prepare readable email format and content suitable for mobile devices. Also need to carefully choose efficient email broadcast service provider.

3. Social Media marketing campaign for mobile

An expressive world of social media has made almost every user to comment or like a comment. We like to give opinion and to get feedback on opinion. What if your newly launched product gets million likes in a day. Social media is a good platform to market your products. With each finger touch on smartphone, your sell is skyrocketed. That is a benefit of creating a good social media campaign for mobile. A flashy picture and catchy line appropriate for mobile devices make an impressive social media campaign. You may reuse your SMS campaign text to tweet on social media.

4. Apps for mobile

This is slightly a costly way. An application (or simply phrased App) of your business (to view product information, transact and pay, if required) requires a technical expertise, time and development cost. This cost increases if you want it multi-platform App, say running on Android, Apple IOS or Microsoft OS or on blackberry. So businesses need to think twice if they need an exclusive App or will a mobile friendly website suffice?

But Apps are getting popular day by day because of its exclusive nature and ease of use instead of launching a web browser on phone and then connect to respective website. So it is again businesses’ call to choose App way or not. Gaming Apps, Banking Apps and online shopping Apps are famous.

5. Responsive website for mobile

A mobile website is a website that can be viewed from mobile devices. Technology advancements from basic HTML to HTML5 has offered a development language to create a mobile friendly website called as responsive website for mobile. Key is to maintain readability of website content on mobile devices. This responsive website also requires a development cost but considering popularity of mobile phones, this is worth one time cost for businesses.

In this article, we have seen an overview of Mobile Marketing. We, at Butterfly Themes, undertake mobile marketing campaigns for your business. We have a good experience in developing responsive websites for mobile devices. We have techies to create Apps suitable for every platform, be it Android or Apple IOS.