There are networking sites on internet, those are referred as social media in this term Social Media Marketing (SMM). Using these sites to market your product is called Social Media Marketing.

As we have moved from TV, Radio and Newspaper generation of media to the plethora of new interactive social media on internet, it is a well crafted marketing strategy to effectively use new weapons to win the battle. The peculiarity of social media is that it is interactive rather than a traditional one-way communication and that also gives a lot of control to end user.

Humans are unique because humans converse with highly developed communication skills. We like to express, positive or negative. With the advent of internet, each got an equal opportunity to connect to the world at the same time. It also brought a notion that if it is on internet, it is good (though everyone knows this is not necessarily true, but still has a good buy in). So how well your business can market itself on social media sites on internet becomes part of your social media marketing strategy.

You can use social media to promote your business website (like stating, hey there, here’s a good website on so and so). From internet surfers, you can bring in your targeted customers on social media. Use social media to brand yourself. Use social media to converse with old, current and future customers.

The popular social media sites on internet are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Let’s see briefly how we can utilize them effectively –

1. Facebook

Facebook is popular because it allows you to create your profile and to start connecting with “friends”, with whom you can share texts, audios and videos. Because of its “young” face, Facebook is popular in college students and so is very casual and personal rather than professional.

Your business too can create Facebook Fan Page and upload industry/product information there.

2. Twitter

Twitter is popular for its minimum text broadcasting mechanism. People use it to express opinion or their feelings.

Your business can tweet one liners about product discounts and important company or product updates.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking site.

Apart from creating LinkedIn profile for your business, you can subscribe to LinkedIn groups to hunt for audience with a common interest where you can demonstrate your brand and products.

4. YouTube

YouTube first became popular for its songs & movie clippings collection and then for training videos.

Your business can create its videos and upload them on YouTube. You can create training videos that eventually talk about your products.

Also each of these social media sites have good weightage in search engine ranking rules. This whole social media appearances will finally lead to web traffic to your business website.

There is also paid version of social media marketing like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, if that fits into your marketing budget.

In this article, we have seen social media marketing and how social media networking sites can be used for marketing your product and/or brand. Butterfly Themes can craft marketing strategy for your business with effective Social Media Marketing.