Selection of the best anti-virus software

How to select the best antivirus software for smart IoT devices?

Your device may be a computer, smartphone, smart speakers like Alexa or google home and maybe running on OS(Operating System) – android, ios, mac, etc.

But for cybercriminals, it doesn’t matter and all they need to get their hands on your data is that one security loophole in your system.
Thus to protect your data from such cyber threats, opting for the right antivirus software for your system becomes very crucial.

The antivirus protection software should be designed specifically for your system and must be able to detect the computing behavior of your device.

Every antivirus is not the same in nature as it is designed with different factors in mind. So while selecting too you need to consider many factors that fit your system.

Implementing the antivirus randomly without any testing and later finding out that it’s poorly designed the consequences can be very fatal for your businesses. 

It’s always better to do your complete research and also check the software specifications so that you have clarity on its effectiveness prior to the implementation.

Let’s have look at the following checkpoints that will help you select the best antivirus software for your system

  • Software with a minimal system load

Antivirus software must always run on the background and also perform efficiently without any interruptions. 

Efficient and precise antivirus software is able to perform it’s scanning for any malware during various tasks such as 

  • Copying files from one location to another
  • Installing and uninstalling applications from a reliable or unreliable source
  • Launching an application
  • Downloading files
  • Browsing through the internet
  • Logging in to a website, etc

Well, these are the various tasks you would be performing with your device and no one software is capable of maintaining the above tasks alone.

Every software is exceptionally well in doing a particular task very well but not all the tasks. 

So, you need to customize the features in the antivirus software based on your daily computing behavior.

While customizing the features also keep the long term plan in mind as if anything you might need in the future you will be ready for it in advance.

  • Identify what software works best for detecting and removing malware

The world is getting advanced with many innovative technologies and certainly moving towards the digital era.

With the world moving towards the digital era, the cyber threat around emerging technologies is also becoming more profound on the path.

So relying on single antivirus software for all your devices is not the right strategy for protecting your data from every malware, spyware, or adware.

For example, 

the software that is protecting your mobile device may not be adroit to handle the malfunctioning of your computer. Thus it will require to study the requirements of the system while selecting the software.

There are various organizations that can help you select the right software suitable for your device. 

They are as follows :


NSS – Labs

Av comparatives

It is very much important for an antivirus device to detect the right malware files for removing it precisely and not the other way round.

  • Adding crucial features as the trend changes 

Your software may be providing the best service as of now but is it prepared for any further cyber threats that are emerging with the changing technology.

The strength of the cybercriminals is also taking a pace along with the changing and trending new technologies.

Thus it’s more than necessary now to pay attention to the antivirus software for their capability to perform with the changing trend.

Today’s modern antivirus software prevents you from entering the malware sites by indicating by a red-yellow-green color-coding system similar to those seen in traffic lights.

You need to have the best antivirus software for your smart IoT devices and it can be characterized by the following services

  • The lightning-fast capability of detecting and removing the viruses, malware, etc
  • A strong firewall for holding out the intrusion of viruses
  • Security for financial transactions 
  • Fully encrypted back-up
  • Taking care of the sensitive files

We hope this will help you out in selecting the right antivirus software for complete security.

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