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How to ensure the security of your IoT devices?

Protect your data and privacy by 5 effective security solutions for Cyberthreat and information breach on smart IoT devices

IoT i.e Internet of Things can be considered as the next-gen technology of the digital world.

Protect your data and privacy by 5 effective security solutions for Cyberthreat and information breach on smart IoT devices

IoT i.e Internet of Things can be considered as the next-gen technology of the digital world.

Though the term “IoT” is not a new technology coined in the market but the pace with which it’s been growing, has accelerated only in recent years.

The technology of IoT has simplified the various tasks that we do in our day-to-day life at our personal as well as professional business level.

Well, there are various advantages and disadvantages to everything we opt for or in this case whichever device we use.

Although the IoT technology has a significant positive impact on our lives both personal as well as professional,

It has another side as well which makes your devices exposed to cybersecurity threats from various cyber-criminals out there who can access your data easily if you are not executing proper security measures.

This threat is not limited to just the IoT technology and extends to every device that relies on the internet for its connectivity as an unauthorized individual can gain access to your device and take over the functionality of your device very easily.

Before we get to the security part of your device following are the points that you should remember while opting for any IoT device.

  • Muster complete information on the security aspect of the IoT device from the provider and if the provider is unable to do so, then you must reconsider buying the device from that provider.
  • The second most important part while buying an IoT device is checking for the timely update or patches form the provider for an interruption-free service.

As the market is susceptible to changes with the changing time, it’s very much necessary for the provider to provide timely updates for the software.

Now, let’s a take a look into the 

5 effective security solutions from cyberthreat and information breach on smart IoT devices

  • Install a powerful antivirus

The first and most important step in securing your device is the installation of powerful antivirus software from a reputed brand.

This will ensure your device is accessed by the authorized person only and inform if any suspicious activities are noticed it will notify you for that as well.

  • Use of the secondary network for your crucial data

The wifi router that we use at our home, as well as the business workplace, has the capability to produce multiple networks that let more than one user use the internet.

Thus if your crucial data is on the same network then your data is exposed to vulnerability and a greater possibility of getting it hacked.

To ensure the security of your data, it’s very crucial that you place your data on another network from the general one so that only you have the access to it.

  • Change password frequently

Even though your data is secure in the secondary network, it’s better to have an extra layer of security.

For this make sure that you change the password frequently so that your data is even more secure.

  • Never enable universal plug and play features

Almost all of the IoT or smart devices have a feature called UPnP.

This feature makes it convenient for the other devices to find each other and connect seamlessly without configuring the devices separately.

This feature makes use of the local network, making it easy for your device to fall prey to hackers, and thus they can easily take over your device as well as the devices you are connected with.

  • Avoid connecting your device and wearables to the public network

Smart devices use the internet for collecting and syncing your personal as well as business data for providing precise analytics later.

Thus if you connect your devices to the public network such as wifi at railways, hotels, cafes, etc your device is exposed to others who are connected to that network.

For maintaining the security of your data, it’s better not to connect your device to this shared networks and save your device data from being exposed to others.

Summary: Well IoT is an exceptionable technology that has made the life of humans very simple and easy.

There are many things that wouldn’t be possible if it was not for IoT devices but it has its own risk and thus for keeping your devices secure for any cyber threat, you can follow the above effective safety measures.

We hope this was a helpful piece of information.


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