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Once you have your services on cloud or your website is hosted on cloud, maintaining this cloud environment becomes routine task of cloud management. If you contract it to third party, like Butterfly Themes, we take care of all your needs around cloud management.

Cloud management involves access control to various users. To create a new cloud instance, monitor its utilization and adjust resource allocations are crucial tasks under cloud management. This comes with relevant reports for end users to take decisions based on cloud usage and current budget.

Cloud management also provides rule based automation while cloud monitoring. This way, end user can get alerts for security threats or compliance issues.

The biggest task in cloud management is a constant monitoring of current cloud workloads and user experiences. Workload balancing and capacity planning ensure that infrastructure is working properly for services catered to end customers. System performance metrics such as latency and downtime help to gauge if service is catered in compliance.

There are tools available for cloud management. A good strategy, good tool and skilled cloud management team ensures your business runs smoothly over cloud.