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Fast & secure portal which let you focus on sales

Ecommerce is the modern world of commerce trading and has been prevalent from a decade around.

Developing an E-commerce portal is not rocket science but if done without the proper knowledge and understanding it can definitely go wrong.

Thus Butterfly Themes has a team of expert engineers who are focussed on creating a 360-degree user experience with their deft knowledge and skills.

We ensure that the portal is simple to operate and at the same time efficient from the business point of view.

Now, you might be wondering that your business is running efficiently offline, so why would you need an Ecommerce portal for the same.

Even though you have a smooth offline running business, the scope of expanding it is limited whereas with an E-commerce portal you can reach and serve new audiences every day seamlessly in your local area as well beyond it.

e-commerce portal

Expand your business with Butterfly Themes Ecommerce portal

e-commerce portal

Lower customer acquisition cost

The number of buyers presents online is estimated to be about 330 million.

We not only make a structured E-Commerce portal for your business but also make sure that your portal reaches your audience’s vision.

This reduces the overall investment done on customer acquisition.

Automated shipping and taxes

Calculating and managing taxes as per the customer’s location is not less than a headache.

But with Butterfly Themes Ecommerce portal it’s all arranged in a definite accordance.

Also, sending email notifications to them becomes simpler.

e-commerce portal
e-commerce portal

Simple product segregation

The Ecommerce portal helps you segregate the products based on their quantity, size, color, etc rather you having to manage it manually by yourself.

This makes it easy to understand even to those who are not having any technical background.

Order management

Managing business orders is one of the crucial traits of successful business growth.

When you do it manually through an offline process it can be a little daunting considering the need for preciseness in the workflow.

With Butterfly Themes E-commerce portal you don’t have to worry about human mistakes or any other error gaps.

Thus you get precise and efficient order management of your business.

e-commerce portal
e-commerce portal

Best user experience

User experience is all that matters for the business in the digital world.

E-Commerce is a broader part of the digital globe and thus it’s important for it to provide a seamless user experience.


Butterfly Themes is one of the largest E-commerce website providers in Thane. 

We provide our customers with both the source project and the customized ones giving them vast options such as database, front-end, back-end, and much more.

Powerful Admin

The Admin with easy navigation and dozens of theme elements, select hundreds of amazing fonts, apply many pattern backgrounds and setup different theme setting and effects.

Seo Optimised & Solid Code

This theme is built with care allowing search engines to index the content of your site to achieve higher rankings.

Premium Support & Updates

We care about our clients very much. If you have a questions, contact us and we will answer your question shortly and resolve your issue.

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